Eggs For Breakfast Again?

egg Hubby is a HUGE fan of eggs.  We buy the big pack of eggs at the supermarket (I think it has 18) and they are usually gone in just over a week.  This morning we wanted eggs for breakfast but I didn’t want to do the usual scrambled or fried egg.  For our wedding we got this little omelet pan.  It is a small egg pan that closes and it two sided.  So I decided to spray the pan with some non-stick butter spray and drop two eggs in, then I sprinkles grated sea salt, cracked pepper and a bit of garlic powder.  I then diced some fresh basil and tomatoes, sprinkled them on top, drizzled a bit of balsamic vinegar and sprinkled fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  I closed the the pan and let is cook for a few minutes without flipping it.  If you like an soft yoke becarefule not to cook it to long.  Serve with toast. Yum!

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