Dog Tired

Today we walked, drove, walked and perspired….it was 106 degrees after all.

This morning we hit the ground running to an estate sale, where I found some awesome loot.  More details to come.

Then we met our awesome friends Mr. & Mrs. T (HA! no they don’t have mohawks or say “I pitty the fool!” but that would be awesome) at the trading post and we walked, and walked and walked through the trading post looking for treasures, where I found a sweet deal.  More on that later.

Then we all come in agreement that our bodies seeked sustenance so we went to a little pizzeria and ate to our hearts content.  LT and I talked about food (no surprise there) and decorating while the fellas talked camping trips and politics.  After our bellys were full and happy we parted ways, but do Obed and I go home, no…..we decided to keep trucking on.

We drove out to Sapulpa to another antique & collectors market, where I found some more loot.  More about that later.

By this point it is mid-day, 106 degrees and I am starting to develop a case of swap feet….while wearing flip-flops….how does that happen?  By the way, I do not recommend holding swamp feed up to the a/c vent.  It sort of causes a negative side effect.

We kept going, we hit up a Salvation Army in search of a chair and Home Depot to price out and research a future project.

Finally after a long day we headed home, had Chocolate Cheerios for dinner (which are the BOMB!) and propped up our dog tired feet on the coffee table.

A rocking awesome way to end a Saturday afternoon.


Apparently Honey was beat too.  She had a long day of eating, sleeping in air conditioning and playing with socks.


Yours truly,

Pasty White Ankles



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