Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants

Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants - #tackytiebribes #bh #ad @JCPenney

When I think back to my childhood, several memories come to mind: riding my bike all around the base with my friends, adventuring down nature trails, hanging with my mom and sister at a restaurant, and playing with my dad on Christmas morning. No matter what we got for Christmas my dad would be right there with us sitting on the floor playing with us and our new toys. Sometimes I thought he liked our toys more than we did. In my early childhood my dad worked hard to care for his family. He was in the military and sometimes he had to spend a long time away from us.  When I was 6 or 7 years old he spent an entire year stationed in Korea while we lived in Puerto Rico, but he got to come and give my sister and I a surprise visit.  The memories of that visit are hazy, but I will never forget the excitement of seeing my dad getting out of the car when we thought he was hundreds of miles away.

Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants - #tackytiebribes #bh #ad @JCPenney

We may have fun memories of dad playing with us in the yard even after a long day at work, fixing our bikes, watching our favorite show with us, and even playing stickball, but after all that why is it so hard to find the right gift for dad on Father’s Day? Seriously, doesn’t dad deserve more than some tacky tie? But, if your dad is anything like my dad, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to tell you what he wants for Father’s day. To poke a little fun at the tacky tie tradition, but still help you out with finding the right gift for dad, check out these Tacky Tie Bribes from JCPenney.

Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants - #tackytiebribes #bh #ad @JCPenney

Create a tacky tie for dad online and share it with him, giving him a heads up on what he could end up getting if he doesn’t tell you what he wants for Father’s Day. Besides creating a tacky tie and sharing it with your dad, you can also get a coupon that you can use towards his gift from JCPenney.

Let’s try and make that tie as tacky as possible, this way he will have no choice but to tell you what he wants for Father’s Day. It will be great, you get a straight answer on what Dad really wants, and he doesn’t have to pretend to like a bad gift. It’s a Father’s Day miracle!

Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants - #tackytiebribes #bh #ad @JCPenney

Trying to stay away from the tacky tie or the standard shirt, I thought long and hard about what to get my dad for Father’s Day.  While cruising the JCPenney Father’s Day Gift Hub I stumbled upon a SodaStream.  Eureka! This is it! My father loves soda, probably a little too much, but I thought a SodaStream would be perfect for him.  Maybe your dad loves soda or enjoys entertaining friends at home and playing bartender, with a SodaStream he can always have seltzer water on hand and with their many syrups he can give his bartending skills some flavor.

Ditch the Tacky Father’s Day Tie and Get Dad What He Really Wants - #tackytiebribes #bh #ad @JCPenney

What are your plans for Dad on Father’s Day? Tell us your favorite gift to give Dad in the comments and have a chance to win a $100 JCPenney gift card!

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  1. Susan Robbins says

    My favorite gift to give my husband for Father’s Day from me and the kids is a piece of camping gear. This year it was a LifeStraw.

  2. thischickwins says

    my dad likes it when we stick to foody gifts, so an assortment of snacks is usually what he gets

  3. lisa jones says

    I really like to give my father something that is going to make him happy, sometimes that is special coffee, or treats, sometimes it is the most random things that I can find! If you asked him, his favorite gift would be a coffee mug that I got him a few years back. Its not worth anything much but it is something that he had wanted so I tracked it down and finally found it for him!

  4. Georgia Beckman says

    We all got together for lunch at our house after church on Father’s Day. He got new cologne & a new shirt & tie.

  5. Seyma Shabbir says

    Plan on taking my hubby and my dad to lunch with the whole family. I usually give a mix of gifts like nice shirts, gift cards, and the kids make homemade gifts!

  6. Karen Drake says

    MY father passed away about 20 years ago. For Fathers Day I bought my husband some new shoes then cooked him a nice dinner. My favorite thing to buy him is shoes and clothing because he won’t buy them for himself.

  7. kathy pease says

    My favorite gift to give is a homemade goodie basket with all kinds of cookies,brownies,cupcakes and other yummies

  8. Frank M says

    Last Sunday was Fathers day and I did exactly what I would have wanted – I spent the Day with my daughters and wife and we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant – It was awesome

  9. Wendy Rozema says

    We took our dad out to eat for fathers days, my favorite gift to get my dad is tools or a gift card!

  10. Susan Smith says

    I usually give my Dad a gift card to a department store like JCPenney so he can buy what he wants to,

  11. Leighanne Bordersl says

    My plans for Father’s Day were to just spend time with my daddy! We went out for ice cream and went to our local state park and hiked. Just creating memories is what it is about for us.

  12. Neiddy says

    We celebrated Father’s Day at home with my husband. We made a delicious home-cooked meal for him and got him clothes as a gift. My kids made him a card and I made him a coupon insert.

  13. donald light says

    Well we dont live near him sadly so we just call. But we got him a sauce and rub basket he loves to smoke and cook.

  14. e michelle says

    i love to get my dad clothes! The hubby too! They both have tons in the closet but nothing ever to wear!

  15. says

    I like to buy books for my dad for Father’s Day. Granted, he is a reader and some dads may not be… but I think it’s a great idea. I save money by not buying a card and instead right a sweet sentiment/message on the inside of the book with the date. Years from now he will have many permanent reminders of each and every father’s day past! :)

  16. Jennifer Lachman says

    I would like to get my dad a metal detector for Father’s Day. He has been asking for a while.

  17. Tabathia B says

    We plan on having a barbecue and am gifting dad with a best buy gift card

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  18. D Schmidt says

    We are planning on staying home and cooking something special. My favorite gift to give is something hand made by the children.

  19. Lauren E. says

    Our plans include giving him a few gifts. Some bought, some handmade. Then we’re going to tell him to take the day and go to the archery range by himself. So he can do something he enjoys alone, then when he comes home I’ll have dinner made for him so we can have time as a family

  20. Barbara Montag says

    We’ll be taking our brother out to eat since our father is deceased.
    And we like to get him a Red Lobster gift card – his fave restaurant.
    thank you

  21. Jessie C. says

    Gift to my dad is easy to buy, from cookware to power tools, he loves making things and is good at it.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  22. Jacob LaFountaine says

    My father is long dead. It was never a big holiday around here. Probably best gifts was to buy him some tools to work on bikes or cars

  23. debbie says

    My favorite thing to give him is a very nice article of clothing that he would never buy for himself.

  24. nicole dz says

    I like to get my dad a day of golf and dinner at his favorite restaurant. He also is a tech guru so anything electronical like a tablet he likes.

  25. Julie Wood says

    I love getting Dad a New Shirt And Tie with cologne every year. He loves trying out different colognes and he Likes wearing his new shirt and tie to church.

  26. Sarah Hirsch says

    get something related to their interests. for my husband – sports, for my dad, reading, travel or classical music.

  27. Emily Morelli says

    I am planning to get my hubby a leather journal and a book about experiments and inventions to do with kids. He would also love a router.

  28. mickeyfan says

    We get dad and dad in law steaks. They love them, we don’t have to think too hard, and they take up no room on a shelf!

  29. Tamar says

    Our plans are in the air because my sister in law is giving birth. My favorite thing to give is underwear+undershirts.

  30. Anastasia says

    I like to give him something he likes / wants but would never get himself. Like a night out at the casino, or a dinner at an expensive restaurant. Also things like a new cell phone or tablet. He’d use the old ones with broken screens because “they still work” so gifts like that are always good :)

  31. Wanda McHenry says

    We always get my FIL a Red Lobster gift card because my MIL hates seafood. This way he can get his yearly seafood fix.

  32. Brooke R. says

    We have two father’s day celebrations – one with each side of the family. Both include grilling steaks this year :)

  33. Natalie Yarbrough says

    My father never asks or wants anything, so I usually get him a personalized card with photos of him and me on it. I can tell it means a lot to him!

  34. Sarah H.P. says

    My favorite type of gift to give my father in law for Father’s Day is a goodie basket of homemade treats! He really likes crackers, chutneys, and cheese!

  35. Louie Z says

    Were my father alive this father’s day I would give him what he never had time for while he lived – time for conversation with me.

  36. Shelley says

    One year the kids and I gave my husband something to do together each month of the next year — concert tickets, picnic supplies, trail map for local state park, gift card to JCP for new clothes, etc. it was a fun adventure!

  37. Tara says

    My husband created a wish list on Amazon. I get each child an Amazon gift card and let them “shop” from his list.

  38. Michelle C says

    My dad passed away several years ago, but we like to give my husband something handmade from the kids and something practical that he needs. I think this year he needs running shoes.

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