Dink’s Pit Bar-B-Que


Cue old Western music…..

Saturday Obed and I saddled the horses and decided to head north for some pit bar-b-que.  We traveled down a long and winding road to reach our final destination.  It was a two day trip where we battled bandits and outlaws, but we finally reached our destination safe and sound.  It was a long and treacherous trip, but it was all in the name of bar-b-que and I believe that is reason enough to risk your life.  Is it not?

Ok so we didn’t saddle horses…..heck I wouldn’t have the first clue to how to saddle a horse.  If I saddled a horse I can guarantee you I would end up upside down, with my feet in the air hanging from the belly of the horse.  Which could be a precarious situation to be in for a multitude of reasons, which I will not go into right now.  The truth is the horse was more in the shape of an car, the long and winding road….well was a highway, and it took us just under an hour to get there.


Obed and I have been looking for some decent bar-b-que since we left Florida and are surprised how hard it has been for us to find it here in Tulsa.  There is a place on S. Harvard but I isn’t really cutting it for us. Last week I was doing some stumbling on Stumbleupon.com and I stumbled across this article on BudgetTravel.com, “The Best Barbeque Joint’s in America”.  On the article’s list was Dink’s Pit Bar-B-Que in Bartelsville, OK, just one hour north of Tulsa.    Obed and I were all over it and decided that it would make the perfect Saturday afternoon road trip.

We got there for lunch and the place was packed.  When you walk into the location it has all the character that you would expect from a Mom & Pop BBQ joint.  The one thing that I did find interesting is that their mascot is a moose.  In fact when you walk in there is a huge moose head hanging on the wall and all of the employees shirts have an embroidered moose.  Usually you would think a pig or a cow as a mascot for a bbq joint but Dink’s is a moose, and no they do not offer bbq moose on the menu.

First we ordered our drinks, two glasses of sweet tea and I cannot express how happy I was to find out that they actually had real sweet tea and no just “unsweet you add the sugar to it” sweet tea.  I was even more ecstatic when I drank it, it was perfect.  The best glass of sweet tea since I left the Southeast.   The appetizer we ordered was a half order of onion straws which was HUGE and more then enough or Obed and I.


On the table is a bottle of their house bbq sauce which was awesomeness in a bottle.  It is a sweet and tangy, brown-red sauce that is tomato and vinegar based.  It was perfect and I had to put it all over my onions straws. That I was gobbling down like a horse mind you.  The truth is the straws didn’t even need the sauce because they are perfectly seasoned but I had to try the sauce.


They have this “Hot Pig Special” of pork tenderloin sandwich topped with cold slaw and jalapenos, which looked interesting but I went with the “Special Plate “with Southern style shredded pork on a bun, cole slaw and curly fries.  I kind of chicken out because of the jalapenos but when we go again I will muster up some courage and give it a try.


The meat in my sandwich defiantly had that great hickory smoked flavor and I got some of those tasty seasoned bits and pieces of the charred portion of the pig.  Although It was a bit on the chewy side and could have been a little more tender.   The fries were a throw-away, they were soggy and bland.  I finished up the onion straws instead.

Dink's 550

The cole slaw on the other hand was muy interesante.  Instead of the traditional mayonnaise drenched cole slaw this one was a refreshing sort of sweet-vinegary cole slaw.  It also had some diced up red and green peppers in it which added to it’s refreshing quality.  It’s a great alternative to your traditional cole slaw.


Obed got the “Special Plate” with smoked sausage, baked beans and curly fries.  He concurred with my opinion about the fries but his smoked sausage and beans were fabulous.  You can tell that the beans are also smoked along with all their meat.  The sausage also had a great hickory smoked flavor and were super juicy and flavorful.  I stole a few nibbles of his sandwich so I am speaking from my own experience.


After stuffing ourselves like hogs we had to pass on any dessert option they had but I was sure to ask for a cup of sweet tea to go.  We will defiantly be visiting Dink’s Pit Bar-B-Que again and next time I am going to hunker down and try that “Hot Pig Plate” even if I do end up snotty, sweaty and on fire.  I can take it and I will just be sure to request a pitcher of sweet tea with my meal.

Dink’s Pit Bar-B-Que is in Bartelsville, OK  at 2929 E. Frank Phillips Blvd., 918/335-0606.

Now if you excuse me I feel compelled to work out, I think just looking at these pics I gained a whole hog on my hips.



  1. Melissa says

    I live in Bartlesville, and have yet to visit that place, but since shredded pork sandwiches are among my favorite I may just have to go down there this week.

  2. Anne says

    Sunny Anderson on the Food Network was talking about the Hash. She says every time she is in town she just has to go and get their hash. I don’t know about the hash myself. I am a pig and cow be-quer.

  3. says

    You’ve had a hard time finding good bbq since you left Florida? Funny, I’ve had a hard time finding good BBQ at any restaurant since I started smoking my own, lol.

    Great review! (And if you’re in the area, I am smoking a pork shoulder this weekend.)


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