Denver Dining: Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs

Steve's Snappin' Dogs

I am back home in Tulsa craving food that we ate back in Denver, go figure.

Obed and I love hot dogs…..LOVE hot dogs!  But they have to be all beef, grilled and topped with lots of stuff.  Unfortunately  we haven’t found a decent hot dog joint here in Tulsa.  The only thing we have seen here is Coney Island Dogs and they don’t even come close to qualifying.

We were ridiculously excited when we drove by this place on our way to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We did an excited celebratory jig as we pulled into the parking lot of Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs.  The restaurant caught my eye because it looked like an old gas station or auto repair that was converted into a restaurant.

Steve's Snappin' Dogs

When you walk in it is very colorful and friendly. The guy behind the counter was enthusiastic and very welcoming.   We told him it was our first time and he quickly educated us on their menu.   Steve’s featured dog is a blend of pork & beef with a smokey flavor that ‘Snaps’ when you bite it.  They also offer all-beef dog kosher style, bratwurst or vegetarian dog.  You can have your dog grilled or if you choose deep fried, with countless toppings.  He recommended the Memphis Hot Dog which has BBQ sauce, grilled red onion and bacon.  Obed and I went the more traditional routes, I got a Chicago Dog with onion rings and he got the Jersey Dog with french fries.

Steve's Snappin' Dogs

We placed our order and headed to the outside dining area.  They proudly displayed their awards and recognitions on the walls in bright red and yellow colors.  It was filled with picnic tables, wood booths and trimmed in rustic roofing tin.   They even have a cute “doggie dining area” to tie up your pooch while you eat.

Steve's Snappin' Dogs

After a short wait our number was called over the loud speaker. Obed arrived with the delicious looking dogs.  The Chicago Dog is topped with, spicy mustard, relish, red onion, tomatoes, dill pickle, sport peppers and celery salt.  I got my dog grilled even though I was VERY tempted to try it deep fried.  I also got a side of the crunchiest beer battered onion rings I have had in a long time.

I attempted to get a little of everything in one bite, it wasn’t easy but apparently I have a big mouth….well that is what my friends tell me.  My favorite topping on the dog was the bright green sweet relish which complimented the salt and spice from the other toppings.

Steve's Snappin' Dogs 550

Obed got the Jersey Dog topped with spicy mustard, green relish, caraway sauerkraut, red onions and bacon.  I suspect that the bacon was the big selling point for Obed.

Steve's Snappin' Dogs

Were we happy when we bit into our Steve’s Snappin’ Dog?  You betcha!   They were everything we wanted in a dog that we couldn’t find in Tulsa and had I had room, I would have ordered another and asked for it deep fried.  I was on vacation after all and all food is free of calories when you are on vacation….right?

Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, 3525 E Colfax Ave., Dever, Co – 303-333-SNAP


  1. Sherry says

    I love hot dogs and those look great, my favorite place is in Oahu, Hi Hanks Haute Dogs they make their dogs from scratch! The best!

  2. says

    That looks like a fun place, who doesn’t love a dog and a cold beer. I want to try one of those sonoran dogs they showed on Food Wars last week.

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