Dear Cable Guy

Dear Cable Guy,

I will no longer be at your mercy.

I will no longer wait for you between the hours of 8 am – 12 pm or 2 pm – 6 pm, just for you to show up late or not at all.

I will no longer pay up the tail for 800 channels of which I roughly only watch 5.

I will no longer have to call some random grumpy person in a call center who will just tell me that my bill has gone up 20% with no notice and I can’t do much about it.

I will no longer pay for your DVR.

I will no longer pay for cable.

Will I miss my friends at Food Network, Bravo and Fox News?  Yes!

But I have made a new friends that are acquainted with my old friends.  My new friends are Hulu and the digital antenna. 

So no Cable Guy! I will not even pay $11.00 a month for the basic channels because now I can get it for free.

There’s sticking it to the Cable Guy. 😛

Yours truly,


a.k.a. Chick with $50 dollars more in her pocket.


  1. Leigh Anne says

    i went tv free when they decided to switch to digital. it helped that i really needed to be concentrating on grad school and my infant daughter too. i really dont miss it, thanks to youtube and watching tv online occasionally :) its MUCH more fun to shop and spend money on 1. food or 2. clothes!!!!

  2. Lisa says

    I didn’t have cable growing up and I don’t have cable now. Without a bazillion channels begging you to watch them you wind up doing much more rewarding things other than sitting on your butt watching tv. Such things as sitting on your butt watching Netflix or Hulu on your computer… But seriously, good for you!

  3. says

    Good for you, as good as Food Network and Travel channel are, they aren’t worth all that money a month. Most of the FN videos are online anyway 😀

  4. says

    Good for you! You know cable started out as commercial free, that’s why we had to pay for it – what happened to that? Now it has as many commercials as regular tv plus everyone is still paying thru the nose for it! Who needs 800 channels, anyway?

    I like Hulu too, PBS online, YouTube has old tv classics and great old (old) movies (when you can find them)!

  5. says

    $50? I saved $95 when I cancelled cable!! I guess I they really screwed me over more!! I’ve been without cable for over 2 mos and I don’t miss a thing!! One thing I will miss is the severe weather coverage. I kinda like to know when the tornado is coming towards me!! Guess I will just have to rely on the Internet and the sirens.

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