Dallas Landing

After just over a month of packing and planning we have finally landed in Dallas.

Here is week 1 in pictures.

Little trailer living.



Big truck – small street.


Furniture bingo, they literally call it furniture bingo.



Damaged refrigerator….boooo….mad!  Like really mad!

Lots of boxes!




Life coming together.


Slowly but surely life will be getting back to normal.  Come back and read about our new adventures exploring our new city.

I will also be posting Thanksgiving recipes throughout the month, including a pretty mean turkey recipe that is coming soon!  I figure that there is no better way to test out a new oven then by roasting a turkey. :)


  1. says

    Your new home looks wonderful – love your floors. Boo Hiss on the fridge. I trust they are replacing it for you?

    Looking forward to more news and updates.

  2. Monica says

    Moving is like a mean prank life plays on you! It’s wrapped in pretty colorful bows of new experiences, new places, new moments. But filled with months of “where did i origanlly put that? how did i have room for all this stuff? Why do i own that? I guess i should just buy new ::insert xyz of anything and everything new you wanna buy!::

    Happy Landings!

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