Childhood Songs & Memories

I had plans to post a decadent fruity ice cream.  Those plans had to be put on hold due to my impatience.  Don’t worry, all hope is not lost.

Instead I thought I would share with you a lovely conversation between my sister, mother and I via text message.  All weekend I had been singing one line of the same song over and over in my head.  It was driving me crazy!  It was a song that my sister and I use to sing when we were kids.  Just the kind of song you would expect from two proper young ladies like ourselves.


ME:  What was that gofer gut song?


MOM:  What?


ME: That’s for Maite


SISTER:  Lol it’s really long.


ME:  It’s a song we sang when we were kids. I need to know it. I keep repeating the same line over & over.


SISTER:  And I can’t remember the beginning?  What do u remember?


ME:  Something about worms.  Like eating you or something, and gopher guts. I think the worms go in your eyes and out your nose?


SISTER:  Your mixing 2 songs lol


ME:  Really?  What do u remember.


SISTER:  Greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated, monkey meat, little birdies dirty feet.  French fried eyeballs rolling up and down the street, and I forgot my spoon.




SISTER:  So give me a Big Mac puss on top. Monkey vomit and camel snot. Elephant eyeballs chopped up too. All washed down with birdie doo.

And at the end u say

Eat it Mese it’s good for you with vitamin A and proteins too!!

Lol substitute name for anyone else


ME:  I love that u remember this



The other one is,

Don’t you laugh when a hearse goes by, cause u might be the next to die

They’ll wrap you up in a big white sheet, from your head down to your feet

They’ll put you in a big black box

And cover you up with dirt and rocks

Worms crawl in, worms crawl out


ME:  Worms play honkey tonk on your snout!

They eat ur eyes the eat ur nose!

They eat the jelly between ur toes!


SISTER:  Omg yes I forgot that line!!

Next is, a big green worm with swirling eyes, goes in your stomach and out your eyes.

Puss comes out like whipped cream, slap it on a piece of bread and that’s what u eat when your dead!



ME:  Lol, so glad we could have this talk.


SISTER:  Hahahhaha yes lovely talk


MOM:  I have such lovely and delicate daughters!!!!!!! Jajajaja

Jajajaja is Spanish for Hahahaha.  Just in case you were wondering.


  1. Molly says

    I remember, “Great big gobs of greasy, grimy gogher’s guts…” Ugh! The best part is that you could call up your sister and share this childhood memory with her. And how nice to include Mami! We need to connect with our loved ones while we can…before they’re in that black box;)

  2. says

    I SO remember the Gopher Guts song!!! And my friend Lupita always texts “Jajajaja” to me! :) We had a whole conversation about how she just can’t type “Hahaha;” it doesn’t sound right. 😉

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