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The Wildfork



The Wildfork Bar

We have officially entered into my birthday weekend, so Hubby took me to The Wildfork for breakfast.  The Wildfork is one of the most popular places for breakfast in downtown Tulsa.  It is located in the quaint outdoor mall of Utica Square.  I had never been, but I had heard a lot about it from our friends.  It has a great patio area that I would recommend taking advantage of, and for you dog lovers, you can bring your pups.  When we were walking up to the restaurant there was a gentleman enjoying his breakfast with his Golden Retriever. 

The joint was pretty hopping and the hostess greeted us with a smile, she sat right away in the bar area.  The interior is eclectic, with art work from local artists on the walls that is for sale and the walls are all painted brick.  We were in the red bar room area and next to us was a sort of sunroom dining area that was lite and airy.   Our sever came up and greeted us right away and asked if we wanted coffee.  She was a super sweet girl named Anna, so if you go I recommend you request her. 


Atlantic Salmon Frittata

Then breakfast menu has some basic breakfast items and then some more “fancy” items, they even have breakfast pizzas which I found very interesting.  Their prices range from 7.00 to 12.00 a dish, and their portions are very generous.  When I dine at a new restaurant I always try to order something that seems unique to that restaurant and that I have never had before.  I ordered the Atlantic Salmon Frittata with sourdough bread toast, Hubby got the Wildfork Hash with wheat toast.  RIf you like you can get biscuits and gravy instead of toast, which is a crazy amount of food.   My Frittata was quite delicious, don’t let the idea of salmon discourage you.  A Frittata is basically just and open faced omelet, this one has salmon, potatoes, tomatoes and all kinds of cheese……yum-E.  Hubby’s hash was a manly man’s meal, it has sausage, peppers, ham, potato, egg and cheese, and I am sure I am forgetting something.  They also have the delicious apricot and plum jam that they put on the table, the plum was my favorite. 

The Wildfork has a great reputation here in the Metro Tulsa area and I can see why.  They are open for lunch and dinner also and if you are ever in the area I recommend visiting.



  1. Barb says

    The Wild Fork is a delicious place to eat. I haven’t had breakfast there (yet); but have had lunch there a couple of times. Yummy food.

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