BlogHer Food 14 Cooking Demo: Flavors of Miami

BHF Demo

Photo Credit: Danielle Tsi Photography

This year I was asked to do a cooking demo at BlogHer Food in Miami. I’ve done demos before but, for some reason this one had me really nervous and excited. Mostly because I was demoing in front of peers which is way more nerve wracking than anything else I’ve done. The demo topic was “Flavors of Miami” which let me strut some of my Puerto Rican food knowledge and skills.  Check out some of the demo pictures!

BHF Demo 1

Photo Credit:  Danielle Tsi Photography

But, this was no one woman show!  BlogHer paired me up with Carla also known as Cuban Brit, because she is Cuban and lives in Great Britain, who also strutted her Cuban cuisine knowledge. It was a joy to work together on this demo!  I also want to thank the Hilton Downtown Miami’s kitchen and servers for all the help they provided to make our demo such a success. Because of them we were able to provide everyone with delicious samples of everything we prepared. They rocked it! It was especially fun to get some of my Spanglish on with the hotel staff.


How to Peel A Plantain





Recipes by Carla, Cuban Brit

Ropa Vieja


Guava Glazed BBQ Shrimp

Here are some of the tweets and instagrams during the demo. Get a little play-by-play.

We also demoed a few desserts, guava and cheese empanadillas and sweet plantain rum flambe.  Unfortunately I do not have links for those recipes, but don’t fret they are coming soon! So, keep an eye out!

If you came and saw my demo feel free to leave any other questions you may have in the comments. Thanks for hanging out with me and Carla and accepting my weirdness.  To see more of my Puerto Rican traditional and inspired recipe visit my Recipe Index: Puerto Rican Recipes!


  1. LS Gourmet says

    Had to laugh. The hardest thing for me to get used to when I lived in Puerto Rico was no vegetables and no salad. Btw, avocado and tomatoes don’t count, they’re fruit! Looking at the food you guys whipped up made me homesick for mi isla. Thanks for the taste bud memories.

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