Birthday Surprise Weekend {Not Mine}

You may have not seen me around much this weekend. It was a black ops weekend. I went on a complete social media black-out in order to ensure my longtime dear friend Shelley would not know that Susan (other longtime dear friend) and I were descending upon Suffolk, VA to surprise her for her (must not be named) birthday.

Let me take a moment to describe the oddness of this dynamic trio that has been friends for almost 12 years now. (Holy cow! 12 years!)

Meseidy (Me, duh):

Quasi Extrovert, Mildly Inappropriate, Over Sharing, Super Loud Mouthed, Does Not Believe in Talking on the Phone/Text Only, Puerto Rican

Birthday Weekend


Introverted, Sensible, Responsible, Totally Not Loud Mouthed, Has 3 Kids – Ain’t Nobody Got Time to Chat on the Phone, Southern

Birthday Weekend


Extroverted, Academic, Type-A, Slightly Loud Mouthed, Master Communicator (seriously she has a PhD), Mad Phone Talking Skills, Midwesterner

Birthday Weekend

Needless to say, we are an odd trio and always have been.

Let’s travel in time a few weeks back.

One morning an invite for Shelley’s (must not be named) Birthday Surprise is waiting in my mail box. I immediately called Susan who was simultaneously texting me (because she knows me so well), and in less than 1 hour we had our tripped planned and my airline ticket bought. The plan was for me to fly from Dallas to Philadelphia and we would drive together down to Suffolk, VA. Nothing like quality time with my gal Susan.

Game Plan

Susan and I were tasked with kidnapping Shelley for the day while her husband prepared for her birthday surprise par-tay later that evening. However, because Susan and I are Susan and I (aka special) therefore, we had to show up at the door with some kind of over the top get-up and really obnoxious balloons.

“Super Loud Mouthed” & “Slightly Loud Mouthed” walked into Party City, and everyone stared because we were being kind of loud. Shocker! Susan was tasked with choosing ridiculous get-ups, and I walked up to the balloon counter and said “I need your most obnoxious balloons”. Which means nothing because obnoxious can be relative. Battling wind and ice remnants we loaded 14 balloons into the car and headed out to Shelley’s.

Birthday Weekend

The plan was to move fast and get to the door before she saw us. This posed to be a challenge considering it was cold and windy. Also, we had feathered pigtails, stick-on neon mustaches and 14 obnoxious balloons. We believed we had planned our mission out to a “T”. However, there was an important part of intelligence we were not provided with…the doorbell did not work.

The mission went down as follows.

Eventually, we decided it was too stinking cold to stand outside and wait for someone to decided to let us in, so we let ourselves into the foyer. We called and called, and still no one appeared. Finally, I called Shelley on her cell phone and informed her I was in her house and planning to steal her TV. “SURPRISE!” Susan and I yelled, jumping up and down and scaring her children. Shelley, being her cool, calm and collected self smiled a big smile and said “Hiiii!” no jumping up and down, screaming or bringing the house down involved. After some hellos and niceties we headed off for a day with Shelley, which was a time filled with good food, uninterrupted talk, a little shopping and ending with a PAR-TAY!

Growing up as a military brat I never had the same friend for more than 4 years and even that was rare. Having the same friend for 12 years is something that I never thought would be possible. Although I am not the most skilled at keeping in touch, (especially over the phone) I could not be more blessed to have these two wonderful ladies as friends. It had been almost 6 years since the last time we were all together, and it still talked and joked like we did 12 years ago. Love you mean it ladies and oceans of kisses on every wave.

Here is to another 12 years!


  1. Judy says

    Wonderful blog but couldn’t watch the video…it was giving me vertigo. Too much of that jumping up & down I suspect.

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