1. blanca says

    hope you continue your cooking and blogging, you have a beautiful website and it is a pleasure going on line and seeing your dishes. Many I am familiar with and some I am not

  2. says

    What a great site! My wife and I just back from a week in San Juan and I was looking for recipes for some of the dishes we ate there, and I run across yours. I’ll be trying a bunch of them … Thanks!
    Ciao, Bob

  3. Maria says

    mollejas en escabeche
    do you have any recipes for this I want to make it for my sister. her birthday is comming soon and its her
    fav. Not my cup of tea but i will make it for her. I also was going through your recipes and was wondering if you have any for
    pastelles I didnt see any and I remember my grandmother making those and she just passed away 3 months ago and my dad and us miss her alot. were doing a get togeather and I want to make that for them. I know i’M sounding needy lol. but I just found this web site and i’ve been going crazy im a second generation PR. I remember eating these things while growing up but I never lerned to cook much of it because I’m also half Italian its a weird mix but there is always good food choices when we get togeather for birthdays and holidays lol.

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