A Must Have Cookbook in the Puerto Rican Kitchen

Although I like to experiment will all kinds of foods my roots of course are in Puerto Rico.  I grew up eating rice and beans with a side of meat and loved it.  When I went off to live on my own I took my mothers cookbook “Cocina Criolla”.  The spine was broken and the recipes were old fashion…..like everything has to be made from scrach, there was no can of this or can of that.  Unfortunatly I had to put the book to rest because it was falling apart……well to be honest I think I lost it in a move.  I was excited to find an updated edition on Amazon.com.  Cocina Criolla is the Spanish version, Puerto Rican Cookery is the English version. 

If you are interested in Puerto Rican cuisine I highly recommend this book, it is what I grew up on it and no other cookbook has compared to it.  This is what I call down home cooking.

Puerto Rican Cookery (English Version)


Cocina Criolla (Spanish Version)

Cocina Criolla (Spanish Version)



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    Please try one of my cookbooks: Homestyle Puerto Rican Cooking, Sabrosuras Boricuas or the new one, De la Tierra con Sabor. You’ll be delighted with all the recipes. Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing a copy of any of the books. (The 4th edition of Homestyle and De la Tierra con Sabor are coming on February 28th from the printer.) Thank you.

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        I don’t have any cookbooks our right now. Hoping that will be something for the future but you can purchase Cocina Criolla & Puerto Rican Cookery on Amazon.com.

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        My three cookbooks have been recognized by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Spain and Latino Literacy Now. Visit my website to check out the places you can obtain them. Thank you.

  2. brunilda lopez says

    No other cookbook can compare. The recipes bring you back home and can be passed on to our children, keeping the latino flavor and family together.

    I had brought the cookbook cosina criolla to the office and allowed the staff to view it. Unfortunately someone decided to keep it. Oh well, it shows you how it affects people. I plan to purchase it again, can’t be without it and you shouldn’t be.

  3. LOURDES says

    The Cocina Criolla cookbook is what I call the must have Puerto Rican kitchen bible. My mom still has the original one from when she got married 50 years ago. She gave me a copy when I got married and both my children have one. I must say it is the best cookbook ever!


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