A Find: Quail Eggs


Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

A girlfriend of mine came over yesterday for dinner and saw these on my counter, she asked me if they were lizard eggs. 😀  I laughed and told her that they were quail eggs. 

I found these little eggs while I was at the Asian market picking up some ingredients for my Spicy Crispy Beef.  As an addicted and avid watcher of Iron Chef America, I have seen these eggs used many times.  

I guess at first glance they can look like lizard eggs, but they are so tiny and cute.  I do not know yet what I will do with them, I am sure it won’t taste much different from a regular egg.  If you have ever had a quail egg, let me know how they are.  I am thinking of a small salad and topping it off with an egg, we will see.  Regardless I love finding ingredients that I have never used before.

Here are a few interesting links on quail eggs:


  1. says

    I’d go with the salad idea. That way you get maximum effect with your special treat. It’s a bother shelling all those tiny eggs but the final look is fun and elegant. Aren’t quails’ eggs beautiful? Each one is different. Here in France they sell them right along with chicken eggs. I find them to be richer tasting then chicken eggs.

  2. Myona says

    I am not a very experienced cook, but I’ve eaten quail eggs before during an Asian style of cuisine known as hot pot (basically, a huge boiling vat of water where you dump everything in and wait a minute or two before ‘fishing’ out the food). They’re delicious–like normal eggs, but cute and mini–but also, unsurprisingly, contain a lot of cholesterol.

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