34 Days: 23 hrs: 08 min & 18 sec…… But who is counting?

Count down to wedding day.  I cannot believe that I am just over a month away from the wedding, but thankfully everything has seemed to come together.  I finally got to see my dress last week and it is 2 sizes too big now, but it is fabulous. :)  Also, the bridesmaids dresses came in and I am happy with them also.  Now we are just down to the petty details, which seem to be the ones that drive you the craziest. I was talking with one of my oldest friends in DC, (which is going to make it to the wedding hurray!) I suggested that when she does get married to run off and elope.  Planning a wedding is stressful….and mine is considerably small.  I have been having odd dreams of it suddenly being the wedding, or the day before and I still have a million things to do or I have forgotten it completely.  I had one dream that the wedding date had creeped up on me and all I had to wear was a HIDEOUS teal dress circa 1983!  I woke up in a cold sweat.  It will be over soon, now in 34 Days: 22 hrs: 59 min & 10 sec.

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