20 Hours and 1,194 Miles

Last week the program director called the entire school into the restaurant for an announcement, of course when the “big dog” calls everyone together for an unexpected announcement the worst is expected.  Luckily enough it turned out to be good news…no, it was great news.  Our director informed us that the program was moving to quarters and that meant the following week was Spring Break.   The entire dining room erupted into cheers of celebration, we were getting a week off!

As soon as I got home I told Obed the good news.  It just happened that he had two weeks of vacation that he needed to use up before June, it was a use it or lose it situation, so this was perfect timing.  He immediately started thinking what we could do with this happenstance of time off.  I of course suggested we head home to PR to see my family, our tax return was soon to arrive so why not?  We agreed but decided that that trip was best left for my summer break in June, for Spring Break it was decided that we drive for 20 hours over 1,194 miles to Lakeland, FL and see the in-laws…well my in-laws, his parents.

Trip Map

As I type I am just beginning the long trip to Florida the sunshine state.  I cannot tell a lie, I grunted at the idea of driving 1,194 for 20 hours half way across the country, I am more of a boarding pass/complimentary peanuts kind of gal.  Unfortunately that was not possible with just short notice.    But, thanks to the bestest husband ever I have a power adapter and broadband card for my laptop.  Now I can blog, watch movies online and check Facebook as much as I like, this should help keep my ADHD in check for sometime.

Photo 168

We left three of our four dogs at home, deciding to bring our problem child because we value our friendships.    Buster had volunteered to be the navigator for our journey and is diligently keeping his eye on the road. However, come to think of it that’s no help since he should have his eyes on a map, but he can’t even hold a map, the no opposable thumbs thing makes it difficult.

Photo 171

Although I am not looking forward to the long hours on the road, a numb tush and a very bumpy I-40 it is all for a good cause.  I get to see my all my in-laws and that is pretty cool.  My husband’s parental figures are the best in-laws that a wife could ask for.  This awesome couple has been married for 48 years!  You go you crazy kids!

Mami Raquel & Papi Gil

Then there are the youngest members of the Rivera clan.  I always get mixed feelings when I see them because they are growing like weeds and it just reminds me how time has passed and how much I have missed.  Gabriel is a little man now, he probably has a girlfriend already and plans run off to Vegas and elope.   Those eyes are going to make him a lady killer after all.


And Julian?  I mean look at that face!  Those cheeks aren’t as chubby anymore and I am sure he has grown quite a bit.  My heart is going to be broken when I see him.


My brother and sister-in-law are a trip too.  They are more than happy to be dorks, it’s how we bond, mutual dorkdom makes us tight.  Although I can’t put my finger on it or “mouse over it” but Des may have need for some therapy.

Apparently there are some people who can’t see into the future and know that we were going to make an impromptu visit, therefore planning a trip at the same time we are coming to visit.  I am not pointing any fingers. It’s cool though, they will be back before we leave, but people of Savannah, GA lock your doors because they are on the loose.

Degi n Girls

It is true, we have a long drive, my butt is numb and I will be nourished by drive-thrus and convenient stores, but it is all worth it in the end.  We can wait to see the whole fam! Don’t let this little array fool you there is more, a plethora in fact. ETA 3/12/2011 at 7:30 pm, see you soon!



  1. Holly says

    Oh my goodness! You have to let us know how it goes! I am leaving for a drive from Jacksonville to Kansas City, Kansas in two days! I’m doing it alone, but I’m still pretty excited for it.

  2. susan says

    That photo of Obed and Buster made me laugh out loud! (and I’m sitting in Panera but I don’t think anyone noticed…)

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