12 Essentials Packing Guide

12 Essentials

12 Travel Essentials by thenoshery featuring a lacy dress

This week I am traveling.  OB had a work trip to Corpus Christie and decided he wanted me to tag along.  So we are enjoying a little workcation.  In addition to driving all day to Corpus Christie I have to head to Austin this weekend for the BlogHer Food conference, which I am beyond excited about.  I get to spend the whole weekend talking food, tech and photography with all my blog friends.  Wicked awesome!

For this trip I decided to challenge myself.  Usually I pull out my giant duffel bag, dump my entire wardrobe in it and hit the road. This time I wanted to get everything in a carry on suitcase.  I had to think through what I wanted to pack and optimize my wardrobe in the process.

First I decided that I need to choose a color palette of no more than 3 colors.  I decided to go with coral, blue and white.  I wanted my magic number to be 12 essential items.  I decided on 5 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 dresses and 1 jacket.    The neat thing about this is that you can change it up how ever you want.  The bottoms can be a combination of pants, skirts, capris or shorts it’s up to you.  If you want you can leave the jacket out in place of another top.  The dresses are kind of freebies, but you want to have one casual dress and of course the every trustworthy LBD (little black dress) just in case you want to hit the town.

These essentials can be changed up however you want to your personal taste.  The key is to choose a pallet and items that can be mixed and matched, optimizing your looks.

Essential Items

  • 1-3 complimentary solid colors
  • Fabrics that are durable, wrinkle resistant and quick to dry.
  • Choose items that can me mixed and matched.

In addition to your essential items there are a few other things you will need.

Travel Outfit

This is a bonus out fit.  It will usually be comfortable items like leggings, loose top, cardigan/hoodie and flats.


When packing for a trip one of my biggest problems is shoes.  I want to bring every show in my closet because I never really know what I want to wear.  That is when I decided on the nude shoe.  Nude color shoes are very popular now and will go with almost anything. They are basically the new black shoe.  Nude is the new black……oh yeah!  Pack one pair of dressy shoes, one pair of athletic shoes and 2-3 pairs of sandals or flip-flops.  (They take up little room.)


When it comes to accessories try to stick with a few bold pieces that can go with the LBD or when added to some casual wear it becomes sassy casual. I always bring two complete sets of accessories that include necklace, bracelet and earrings.  For handbags I carry my everyday bag, a tote or satchel and I pack a clutch in case I want to hit the down.  I also pack a casual belt and a fashion belt that compliments my essential items.


For a 7 day trip bring 7-10 pairs of underwear, 2 nude bras and 2 sports bras.


1-2 swim suits with cover-up

When deciding on all of your items consider what it the purpose of your trip and what the temperature will be.  Now go! Pack efficiently and enjoy your travels this summer.  Maybe I will see you at BlogHer Food this weekend?




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